What’s the story behind Estelle & Thild?

Inspired by her daughters, Estelle & Mathilde, Pernilla Rönnberg founded Estelle & Thild in 2007, with the vision to create a beauty company that, with the next generation in mind, is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

”The idea behind the brand came to me when I had my children Estelle and Mathilde, and felt that I wanted to do something positive with my career – I wanted to make a difference. I developed a sustainable business that produces certified organic products without compromising on innovation, experience or results.” – Pernilla Rönnberg”

What makes Estelle & Thild different from other brands?          

Estelle & Thild is a Swedish, certified organic beauty brand. All products are based on pure, bioactive ingredients that are both effective and nourishing, providing visible results. We do not want our consumers to have to compromise when creating their beauty routine – all products should give ultimate results while being good for both body and the environment around us. This is our vision and what drives us in our everyday work. Estelle & Thild is the new generation of certified organic beauty.

Ekologisk Certifiering / Organic Certification

What does organic certification mean and why is it so important?                

All our products are certified organic Ecocert. This has been an important pillar of our brand since the start. We want to be transparent when it comes to communicating our products and their contents. Within the beauty category there are many brands claiming to be organic or natural without proof. Ecocert is an independent auditor that guarantees that our products are certified organic. Ecocert inspects and regulates everything from production and ingredients, to finished product, but also shipping, marketing materials and packaging. It’s hard for many companies to meet these regulations. The certification guarantees that all products are safe and sustainable for our health and the environment.

Ecocert Certification requirements:

No less than 95% of the plant extracts must be certified organic

No less than 95% of the total content must be of natural origin

No less than 10% of the product must contain organic ingredients (water counts as natural)

Our BioMineral Makeup range is Cosmos by Ecocert Greenlife Certified, and the requirements are:

No less than 95% of the plant extracts used must be certified organic.

No less than 20 % of the total product must be organic, when at least 80 % of the total product consists of natural minerals.

No less than 10% of the total product must be organic, when 80% or more of the total product consists of natural minerals.

Natural minerals and water are rigidly quality inspected natural ingredients derived from nature and cannot be considered organic.”

Veganska produkter & djurtester / Vegan Products & Animal testing

Do you test on animals?

No. We are cruelty-free certified by PETA, which means that no animals has been harmed during the process of producing our products. We have never, and will never, test our products on animals.

Are your products vegan?                   

Besides from being certified organic, we have a wide assortment of vegan products as well. All our vegan products are marked with the PETA symbol. All our skin care is Vegan.

We have chosen to use beeswax in selected products due to its nourishing properties. The beeswax we use is cruelty free, so no bees are harmed in the process of producing or extracting the wax. This is also a criteria set by Ecocert. Some of our makeup products contain the ingredient Carmine, which is a non-vegan pigment, used to create natural red shades.


All Skin Care is Vegan.


All Vanilla Tangerine & Citrus Menthe Body Care products are vegan


BioCare Baby Mild Shampoo

BioCare Baby Body Wash

BioCare Baby Comforting Body Oil

BioCare Baby Pregnacy Body Oil


BioMineral Silky Finishing Powder 112

BioMineral Silky Finishing Powder 122

BioMineral Silky Finishing Powder 124

BioMineral Silky Finishing Powder 114

BioMineral Healthy Glow Sun Powder Medium Matte

BioMineral Healthy Glow Sun Powder Sheer Shimmer

BioMineral Healthy Glow Sun Powder Light Matte

BioMineral Fresh Glow Satin Blush Nude Sienna

BioMineral Fresh Glow Satin Blush Soft Pink

BioMineral Fresh Glow Satin Blush Dusty Rose

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Quartz

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Walnut

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Marble

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Blonde

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Noir

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Bare

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Icy copper

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Cocoa

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Smoke

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Sparkling Caramel

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Urban Earth

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Slate

BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 123

BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 115

BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 113

BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 111

BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 121

BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 125

Healthy Glow Foundation Brush

Silky Finishing Powder Brush

Fresh Glow Satin Blush Brush

Healthy Glow Sun Powder Brush

Silky Eyeshadow brush

Silky Eyeshadow Blending brush


BioCleanse Micro Scrub

Lip Balms

BioCare Baby: S.O.S Diaper cream, All weather cream, Baby Body Lotion

BioMineral Mascaras

BioMineral Lip Glosses

BioMineral Lip Balms


BioMineral Fresh Glow Satin Blush – shade Sweet Coral

BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow – shades Soft Plum, Dark Mauve, Cold Brown and Brown Ash

Produkter & ingredienser / Products & Ingredients

How do I choose the right product for my skin type?                 

We have developed four skin care ranges– one for every concern. Each range contains ingredients that are specifically chosen to cater to different skin care needs. We want it to be as simple as possible for you to create a skin care routine that suits your needs – and give you great results. BioCalm is specifically developed for sensitive skin, BioHydrate moisturizes, BioDefense is age-preventative skin care, and Super BioActive is a powerful anti-ageing range that reduces visible signs of premature ageing.

What is the shelf life of your products?                  

Our products have a shelf life of 3 years if they are unopened and stored at room temperature. Since our products contain natural ingredients they shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures, sunlight or bright light.

An open product has a shelf life of 6-23 months. You will find more info on the packaging.

Does your products contain gluten?  

No, all our products are gluten free.

Does your products contain glycerin?                    

Yes, most skin care products today contain glycerin as it is a highly moisturizing ingredient. The glycerin we use is both natural and plant based.

Do you sell products with SPF/Sunscreen?           

No, we do not have sunscreen/SPF in any of our products.