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Vitamin-A 1% + Triple Hyaluron – Power Booster 

It’s not a coincidence that our Vitamin-A 1% + Triple Hyaluron serum booster is named the Power Booster; it gives your skin the power it needs to make it feel its best! 

Improve your anti-aging process with the help of Vitamin-A: 1% Retinal, one of the leading ingredients in the field of Organic Science. Go get your restored elasticity, reduced fine lines, smooth skin and protection against free radical damage, along with all the other benefits that Vitamin-A has to offer. As if that wasn’t enough, the Power Booster also holds triple molecular Hyaluronic Acid that boosts your skin with short and long-term moisture, giving you that silky soft feeling.

Ingredient Glossary 

Retinaturel /Retinal- The Key To Rejuvenation

We already get the hype around Retinal, so let’s make you as obsessed as we are. First of all, you might think: what is it? Retinal is a stable form of Vitamin A in the body and a Retinoic Acid precursor that is transformed into the active form of Retinoic Acid once you’ve applied it to your skin! Retinal is more bioavailable than Retinol since it is one step closer to being transformed into Retinoic Acid. This means that Retinal can be converted to Retinoic Acid more quickly and easily than Retinol, making it more readily accessible and usable by the body. Retinal is your treasure ingredient if you’re looking for increased elasticity, protection against free radical damage, increased dermal thickness and help with blemishes- all shown in clinical studies.

The Power Booster’s Retinal, named Retinaturel, is extremely rich in Halobacterium Salinarum. Halobacterium Salinarum is an archae, which is an ancient extremophile microorganism that has the incredible ability to survive at extreme conditions in salt-lakes with high salt concentration and UV exposure. What makes this survival possible is the large storage of pure Retinal in its membrane. How about this type of protection for your skin?

Hyaluronic Acid – The Moisture Miracle

We’ve got the key to maximizing your skin’s moisture- Hyaluronic Acid! It’s a natural skin hydrating biopolymer made from fermentation that has the incredible ability to attract and hold a large amount of water. Its power lies in its capacity to penetrate the skin and thereupon act as an inner moisturizing agent for a proper barrier function of the skin. Our Vitamin-C Glow Booster is formulated with triple molecular Hyaluronic Acid to provide your skin with both short and long-term hydration. 

So what does each unique component of this magic molecular trio do?

  • The high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid is excellent for moisturizing the uppermost part of our Epidermis (the main upper skin layer).
  • The medium molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid reduces skin greasiness and skin sebum production (balances skin oiliness).
  • Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid can penetrate even deeper into the Epidermis to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Pomegranate Extract- The Tasty Skin Aid

Who doesn’t love eating Pomegranate seeds? Did you know that they are amazing for your skin as well? Pomegranate Fruit Extract is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and emollient properties. The Extract is well-known for helping your skin with:

– Slowing the breakdown of the skin’s collagen and reducing signs of aging

-Protecting skin from sun damage

-Promoting a healthy-looking complexion

Apple Cellular Water- The Earth-Friendly Skin Saver

Apples are not only great for supporting your body from the inside; our Vitamin-C glow booster contains Apple Cellular Water to deeply nourish your skin from the outside as well! Apple Cellular Water is an active fruit water extracted from apples, freshly picked from the tree. This is what the process looks like:

Apples ripen, and are carefully dehydrated by companies that create snacks such as dried apple chips and granola. This dehydrating process extracts all of the moisture of the apple- creating Apple Cellular Water. This solution would usually be dismissed by food companies, who view it as bootless, but that’s where we come into the picture! And that’s why we call it The Earth-Friendly Skin Saver- it is both sustainable and great for your skin. Here’s why:


-Hydrates your skin

-Supports healthy aging

-Is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E

-Contains essential minerals such as zinc to help promote clear and healthy skin

-Helps give you a healthy complexion

-Acts as an exfoliant

How do I use the Power Booster?

For best results, apply a thin layer of our Power Booster to clean skin at night. Gently massage it into the skin until it feels soft, smooth, and moisturized. Do not massage too much onto the sensitive eye contour. Start with only a few drops and increase the amount slowly, allowing your skin to adapt. If your skin turns red and flaky due to over-exposure of the active Vitamin A, take a break for a day and start the process again more slowly. Make sure to use this product only at night, and be sure to avoid any sun exposure or use UV protection. This product can also be used in combination with a night cream.

The Power Booster is suitable for all skin types, specially recommended for mature skin. 

How can the Power Booster serve my skin?

– Reduced appearance of line lines 

-Improved skin texture and restored elasticity

-Smoother and more moisturized skin


-COSMOS Certified Organic


-Cruelty Free 

-99,9% Natural