• Cruelty Free
  • Certified Organic


Indulge in major beauty inspiration, and let us show you some easy tips to create the perfect eye-catching pout with our Organic Lipstick.

Step 1

Use foundation. Apply a small amount of foundation to your lips to nude out the natural lips color, it will help you form the perfect pout.

Step 2

Shape your lips with your lipstick

Step 3

With tissue paper, press it against your lips to absorb any excess oils. Then add another layer of your lipstick. This will double the wear time of your lipstick.

Step 4

Optional: add a lip-gloss to finish off your dramatic red lip. ‘

Not sure which color to choose?

  • If your complexion is fair, consider our shades Springtime or Caramel.
  • For medium complexion, we love Magnolia or even a deeper, nude shade with a hint of brown such as Dusty Beige.
  • For dark complexion, try a bright pink lipstick with undertones of magenta or fuchsia. We recommend Deep Pink och Pretty Pink.