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We are cruelty-free certified by PETA, which means that no animals has been harmed during the process of producing our products. We have never, and will never, test our products on animals.

Besides from being certified organic, we have a wide assortment of vegan products as well. All our vegan products are marked with the PETA symbol.

We have chosen to use beeswax in selected products due to its nourishing properties. The beeswax we use is cruelty free, so no bees are harmed in the process of producing or extracting the wax. This is also a criteria set by Ecocert. Some of our makeup products contain the ingredient Carmine, which is a non-vegan pigment, used to create natural red shades.

BioCleanse Multi-Action Cleansing Gel
BioCleanse Silky Soft Cleansing Milk
BioCleanse 3-in-1 Cleansing Foam
BioCleanse Multi-Action Facial Toner
BioCleanse Eye Make Up Remover
BioCleanse Deep Cleansing Detox Mask
BioCleanse Fragrance Free Cleansing Gel
BioCleanse Fragrance Free Cleansing Milk
BioCleanse Micellar Cleansing Water
BioCalm Soothing Moisture Day Cream
BioCalm Anti-Redness Rescue Serum
BioCalm Optimal Comfort Rescue Oil
BioCalm Soothing Eye Balm
BioHydrate Total Moisture Day Lotion
BioHydrate Refreshing Eye Gel
BioHydrate Thirst Relief Vitamin Serum
All-in-one Tinted Moisturizer Light
All-in-one Tinted Moisturizer Medium
BioDefense Multi-Action Youth Serum
BioDefense Antioxidant Day Cream
BioDefense Instant Recovery Night Cream
BioDefense Multi-Nutrient Youth Oil
BioDefense Antioxidant Eye Cream
Super BioActive Control Serum
Super BioActive Oil Complex
Super BioActive Brightening Serum

Fresh Water Lily Body Lotion
Fresh Water Lily Body Butter
Fresh Water Lily Body Scrub
Fresh Water Lily Body Wash
Fresh Water Lily Body Oil
Fresh Water Lily Hand Soap
Fresh Water Lily Hand Cream
Sparkling Citrus Bloom Body Lotion
Sparkling Citrus Bloom Body Butter
Sparkling Citrus Bloom Body Scrub
Sparkling Citrus Bloom Body Wash
Sparkling Citrus Bloom Body Oil
Sparkling Citrus Bloom Hand Soap
Sparkling Citrus Bloom Hand Cream
Spring Rose Blonde Body Lotion
Spring Rose Blonde Body Butter
Spring Rose Blonde Body Scrub
Spring Rose Blonde Body Wash
Spring Rose Blonde Body Oil
Spring Rose Blonde Hand Soap
Spring Rose Blonde Hand Cream

BioCare Baby Mild Shampoo
BioCare Baby Body Wash
BioCare Baby Comforting Body Oil
BioCare Baby Pregnacy Body Oil

BioMineral Silky Finishing Powder 112
BioMineral Silky Finishing Powder 122
BioMineral Silky Finishing Powder 124
BioMineral Silky Finishing Powder 114
BioMineral Healthy Glow Sun Powder Medium Matte
BioMineral Healthy Glow Sun Powder Sheer Shimmer
BioMineral Healthy Glow Sun Powder Light Matte
BioMineral Fresh Glow Satin Blush Nude Sienna
BioMineral Fresh Glow Satin Blush Soft Pink
BioMineral Fresh Glow Satin Blush Dusty Rose
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Quartz
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Walnut
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Marble
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Blonde
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Noir
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Bare
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Icy copper
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Cocoa
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Smoke
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Sparkling Caramel
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Urban Earth
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow Slate
BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 123
BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 115
BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 113
BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 111
BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 121
BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation 125
Healthy Glow Foundation Brush
Silky Finishing Powder Brush
Fresh Glow Satin Blush Brush
Healthy Glow Sun Powder Brush
Silky Eyeshadow brush
Silky Eyeshadow Blending brush

BioCleanse Micro Scrub
Super BioActive: Lifting Eye Serum, Recovery Night Cream, Firming Day Cream
BioCalm Extra Nourishing Night Cream
BioHydrate Intense Moisture Night Cream
Lip Balms
BioCare Baby: S.O.S Diaper cream, All weather cream, Baby Body Lotion
BioMineral Mascaras
BioMineral Lip Glosses
BioMineral Lip Balms

BioMineral Fresh Glow Satin Blush – shade Sweet Coral
BioMineral Silky Eyeshadow – shades Soft Plum, Dark Mauve, Cold Brown and Brown Ash

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